Dumb as a Pence – VP spends $250,000 tax payers’ dollars to shade racial justice

It’s more than just a ridiculously expensive political stunt. It’s a deliberate attack on the fledgling modern civil rights movement. And it’s a strategic defense move by the puppet of the White Supremacist Extraordinaire himself.

On Sunday, October 8th, Vice President Mike Pence attended a football match between the Colts and the 49ers. Quarterback Colin Kaepernick played for the 49ers up until he started the rapidly growing #taketheknee protests, which led to him being booted from the team. There was an obvious high chance that some players would be continuing his protest by kneeling in that match, and Mike Pence went out of his way to be present.

President Donald Trump admitted that he instructed Pence to leave the game if any players kneeled during the anthem. Pence did exactly as he was told,and the American taxpayers paid the price for their protest of a protest – around $250,000.



So, just to be clear, the same President who complained that sending aid to Puerto Rico following a natural disaster threw the US “out of budget”, shamelessly blows a fortune on making a statement against a few athletes’ peaceful activism. The real priority here is obviously reminding the blacks of their place in the land of the free.


Instead of addressing the actual issue these athletes have been protesting, the epidemic of police brutality and racial injustice plaguing millions of their country’s own citizens, the leaders of this great nation choose to COMPLETELY ignore it. Even worse, they have shifted the focus of the protest entirely, and act upon their own invented narrative that fits their agenda. Trump, Pence, Right-Wing Media, your average redneck ; all and sundry on the White Supremacist front, have decided that the protests are against the National Anthem, the Flag, the Veterans, and America itself, and are therefore “inappropriate” and “disrespectful”. And they are willing to do whatever it takes to silence it.

Essentially, athletes kneel in protest of people of color being murdered, incarcerated, and socio-economically disadvantaged by virtue of their ethnicity in a country founded on racism. White Supremacy wants them to stand to show respect, not “for the country”, not “for the anthem”, not even “for the Veterans”, but for the insidious demon of White Supremacy that is woven into the very fabric of White American culture. If this was truly about respecting the country, they would be interested in tackling racial injustice as the root of the issue, targeting the reason for the protest, rather than the protest itself.


Didn’t white people brutalize black slaves mercilessly for daring to talk back or show even the mildest form of resistance? Look at them now, in 2017, when black people so much as kneel. All of them are colorblind, all of them claim that “All Lives Matter”, not one of them is racist, and yet. They jeer, insult, physically attack, and ostracize those who have been kneeling in protest. The ones who claim innocence as they sit idly by watching all this happen, are complicit by virtue of their pathetic nonchalance.

And here we are.

Colin Kaepernick still has not been signed to another football team.

Other athletes who have knelt in solidarity with him are losing their endorsement contracts.

Journalists like Jemele Hill are being penalized for speaking out against racial injustice.

And the leaders of “The Free World” are openly protesting criticism of institutionalized racism.

We’re on a new and improved plantation folks, and yes, it’s time to pick a side.




Author: Anastasia T

Editor-in-Chief, The Black Revolution Blog



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