The Tragedy of the Tragedy Narrative

As a light-skinned citizen of Brazil who likes to keep abreast of all events, publications, and developments related to Black-White race relations in the Western world, I'd  have to say that what strikes me the most about this domain of knowledge is the ubiquity of tragedy narratives. Note that I wrote "tragedy narratives," and not … Continue reading The Tragedy of the Tragedy Narrative


The Kindness vs. Racism Conundrum – Part 1

  Nowadays, being accused of racism is the ultimate sin. No one likes being accused of acting upon unconscious biases, or treating humans differently based on the color of their skin or their race. In fact, so unpleasant are the experiences of those good people called out on their damaging attitudes or behaviors that the … Continue reading The Kindness vs. Racism Conundrum – Part 1

Nike just did it – and did it well

Nike made a major power play. The controversial Colin Kaepernick headlines a new campaign with a simple yet monumental closeup black and white shot of his face, emblazoned with the words: "Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything. " The world has been buzzing ever since, with closet racists emerging from the woodwork … Continue reading Nike just did it – and did it well

You can help free Herman Bell!

Dear friends, Last week the New York State Board of Parole granted Herman Bell release. Since the Board’s decision, there has been significant backlash from the Police Benevolent Association, other unions, Mayor De Blasio and Governor Cuomo. They are demanding that Herman be held indefinitely, the Parole Commissioners who voted for his release be fired, … Continue reading You can help free Herman Bell!

Kill The White Supremacist Inside You

In Margaret Atwood's novel The Robber Bride, we can find the following passage: “Male fantasies, male fantasies, is everything run by male fantasies? Up on a pedestal or down on your knees, it's all a male fantasy: that you're strong enough to take what they dish out, or else too weak to do anything about … Continue reading Kill The White Supremacist Inside You

The Trump Effect

My friend recently told me that her mom was sitting on the train and some white guy told her to move stating that he doesn’t want to sit next to a black person. I was flabbergasted. Trump reallllyyyy making people think this is a safe thing to do? And he was lucky too, ‘cause her … Continue reading The Trump Effect

Tarte and the Art of Being So Racist You Don’t Even Realize It

Hot take: the beauty industry sucks. It sucks because it relies on hype, preys on ignorance, and feeds off of insecurity. The beauty industry propagates damaging standards of appearance and gender expectations, and it makes money off of this. And finally, the beauty industry--like all firmly established industries in the Western world--is deeply racist. In … Continue reading Tarte and the Art of Being So Racist You Don’t Even Realize It

If You’re White, Stop Whining.

On the morning of December 30, 2017, Erica Garner's twitter account (now managed by her mother, Esaw Snipes) released the following statement:   That same day Erica Garner, 27 years old and a mother of two, had died of a heart attack. Notwithstanding the tragedy of her death and the painful context in which Erica … Continue reading If You’re White, Stop Whining.

Prophesies For The Century

Most people would agree that in 2017 (almost 2018), it feels like we constantly live on the brink of a new age. Technology evolves in lightning speed; revolutions start in seconds; new generations are born and can hardly recognize the ways people used to live ten years ago. Throughout all of this, one certainty remains: … Continue reading Prophesies For The Century

The Coded Racism of The Word “Tacky”

I consider myself a fairly vain and materialistic person. I am obsessed with eyeshadow and lipstick and earrings and shoes. I even created an instagram account* devoted to the makeup looks that I labor over for hours and hours, with a collection of brushes and eyeshadow palettes and fake eyelashes worthy of a Youtube beauty … Continue reading The Coded Racism of The Word “Tacky”