Reverse Racism – Does it Exist?

There is a clear disconnect between what White America defines as racism, versus what Black America defines as racism. The following four scenarios were related to me with careful sincerity, by four white people with whom I was acquainted in varying degrees.   Scenario 1 “When I was a kid, one time I was walking … Continue reading Reverse Racism – Does it Exist?

At the Intersection of Pride and Paycheck

The NFL protests should have sparked a Movement. And it did, but only to a fraction of the extent it should have. The problem is not Colin Kaepernick, or any of the players who have joined him or spoken out. The problem is every athlete of color who chose not to support.   Would it … Continue reading At the Intersection of Pride and Paycheck

We Have To Stop Empathizing With Oppressors

Here's a concept: how about when someone in a position of vulnerability comes forward to denounce or disclose the harmful actions of someone more powerful, we believe this person? And we reserve 100% of our empathy for them? I get it, we as a society hate victims. We don't like those who play the victim, … Continue reading We Have To Stop Empathizing With Oppressors

The Birth of A Nation Recovering from The Birth of a Nation is no easy task. As the molten anger dries on your cheeks, the message melts into your heart. You could label the film “visceral”, but it would never quite explain the way it wrenches the emotion from a weary soul. It would never quite explain how it … Continue reading The Birth of A Nation

The Act of Giving

Many people like to mention how much or how often they give to charity as a measure of how "good" they are. We think, oh, this politican gave millions to this cause. How is he/she a bad person? Or this individual donates her old clothes every month to Plato's Closet. Her heart's in the right … Continue reading The Act of Giving

The Diary of a Natural Black Woman

At a Halloween party recently, I wore my hair out in an afro and felt really self-conscious. It fluctuates, sometimes I feel like my afro is lovely and sometimes I feel ashamed to be the black girl with a halo of fluff where a voluminous weave should be. But while I’m trying to ignore myself … Continue reading The Diary of a Natural Black Woman

Five Things Non-POC People Can Do To Be Better Allies

We've reached a point in Western political discourse where you're either against the cause of racial justice and equality or you're not. You either feel threatened by the empowerment and enfrachisement of people of color or you feel supportive of it. While many people (including allies) claim to stand for justice and equality, they forget … Continue reading Five Things Non-POC People Can Do To Be Better Allies

This White Person Says: Please Stop Saying “Not all White people”

Sometimes, during my daily forays into Twitter and Instagram and Facebook,  I wonder why people get angry at certain things and not at others. Obviously, emotional triggers depend on a range of factors. Personally, my blood tends to boil much faster if I am hungry, tired, or upset. The objects of my anger also tend … Continue reading This White Person Says: Please Stop Saying “Not all White people”

When Representation is Not Enough

I mean really, could Dove ask for any more amazing publicity than we are already giving them? All these memes, these tweets, this entire cultural reference we have made their controversial ad into. We’re doing it with the intent of mocking or ridiculing them to shame, all the while calling for a boycott, but what … Continue reading When Representation is Not Enough

The Language of Racism in Brazil

On any given day, there are about 100 topics about which to write on the subject of racism in the US. But what about racism around the world? How do racial hatred, prejudice, and injustice manifest themselves in other countries? In this article I will skim the surface of Brazilian racism, since that is where … Continue reading The Language of Racism in Brazil