The unfairness of equality

When a black man from Alaska looks you in the eyes and tells you it's simply not fair that white people get to "rule" on earth then go to the same heaven that you go to, the only thing there is to do is nod and look away, even as a good Christian. He's right. … Continue reading The unfairness of equality

The Birth of A Nation Recovering from The Birth of a Nation is no easy task. As the molten anger dries on your cheeks, the message melts into your heart. You could label the film “visceral”, but it would never quite explain the way it wrenches the emotion from a weary soul. It would never quite explain how it … Continue reading The Birth of A Nation

The Act of Giving

Many people like to mention how much or how often they give to charity as a measure of how "good" they are. We think, oh, this politican gave millions to this cause. How is he/she a bad person? Or this individual donates her old clothes every month to Plato's Closet. Her heart's in the right … Continue reading The Act of Giving