The Machinations of White Supremacy

These days, it doesn't take much to encounter evidence of the fact that we in the West are living in a White supremacist's world. Take this snippet of conversation from a right-wing extremist on 4chan. The screenshot below appeared on the Black Revolution's Twitter timeline: It says: "Don't get trapped in an echo chamber where … Continue reading The Machinations of White Supremacy

Are We Sick Of Slavery On Screen?

Underground, a fictional television series based on Harriet Tubman and the famous railroad resistance, was recently cancelled. Despite the star power of actress Jurnee Smollett and executive producer John Legend, both vocal activists against injustice in various ways, the show only enjoyed two seasons. Whether it was a question of lack of ratings or opposition … Continue reading Are We Sick Of Slavery On Screen?

In Defense of the Natural Hair Movement

Recently I read an article posted on BET that declared “Guess what? There’s no such thing as natural hair”, and I didn’t know how to feel.The article argued that instead of dying for the perfect straightness, we are now just dying for the perfect curl, essentially trading one set of beauty ideals for another. It … Continue reading In Defense of the Natural Hair Movement

To be black in South Africa

by Veronica Boyi I wear the color of my skin like armor. Like a knight caught in constant battle, I fight not only for my individualism, but for recognition as a human being every day. People all over the world say that they are tired of hearing about the struggles of black people; they’re tired … Continue reading To be black in South Africa

Guy robs bank…Guess what happens next

A thief walks into a bank. He goes up to the teller, hands her a piece of paper on which he’s scrawled “I have a gun, give me your cash.” The teller immediately gives him approximately $3000USD in cash. The thief then strolls over to a seat in the lobby and engages the security guard … Continue reading Guy robs bank…Guess what happens next