Jay Z’s Moonlight takes Win

Slumped between some friends in a college dorm in Montpellier, France, I stared at the laptop screen in thinly-veiled disgust. We had come over for a sleepover at their place, a Turkish couple with hearts of gold, and they had made a bong out of a bucket of water, and we were smoking and eating … Continue reading Jay Z’s Moonlight takes Win

“Racism doesn’t happen in Scotland” – they said.

The first time I can remember experiencing racism was in Switzerland. My family, as well as my friends and their families, were skiing, and decided to stop for lunch at one of the restaurants on the mountain. At the table next to us, several Englishmen were waiting for their food. When we received our order … Continue reading “Racism doesn’t happen in Scotland” – they said.

The Nuances of the N word

Part 1 - For White People Part 2 - For Black People (coming soon!) (Yes you can read both. This ain’t apartheid South Africa. )   PART 1 While waiting for the train in the small town of Sete, Southern France, I broke into song, as I tend to do sometimes. “I see you driving … Continue reading The Nuances of the N word

The Story of America through James Baldwin’s eyes

“God forgives murder and he forgives adultery, but he is very angry and he actually curses all who do integrate.” Uttered by a representative of the well-meaning white women of the post-racial 1950’s America concerning the abomination of desegregation. I am Not Your Negro, directed by Raoul Peck, narrated by Samuel Jackson, combines such salient … Continue reading The Story of America through James Baldwin’s eyes

What’s in a Name?

Welcome to the 21st century, where the institution of White Supremacy has effectively dominated the majority of the global population and is evident in the distribution of wealth, power, justice and general quality of life. The Western Empires, after pillaging entire continents and decimating entire peoples, now reap the fruits of their ancestors’ labor, wielding … Continue reading What’s in a Name?