The Excuse of White Fragility

“In some ways, racism’s adaptations over time are more sinister than concrete rules such as Jim Crow. The adaptations produce the same outcome (people of color are blocked from moving forward), but have been put in place by a dominant white society that won’t or can’t admit to it’s beliefs. This intransigence results in another … Continue reading The Excuse of White Fragility

Decentering Myself in 2019

In the past year and a half that I have lived in Brasília, I've been lucky to have been invited into two little communities that exist outside of my rich, White bubble. One community is composed of a few local volunteers and 100+ economically and socially at-risk children in an underserved quarter of the satellite … Continue reading Decentering Myself in 2019

Civilized Conversations

Trudging through the streets of New York after a long week of work, my fists balled in my pockets and a knot in my chest. I decide to buy takeout from my favorite Mediterranean spot, and when my order is called, the typically friendly girl smiles with my package in hand. Out of the corner … Continue reading Civilized Conversations

Kill The White Supremacist Inside You

In Margaret Atwood's novel The Robber Bride, we can find the following passage: “Male fantasies, male fantasies, is everything run by male fantasies? Up on a pedestal or down on your knees, it's all a male fantasy: that you're strong enough to take what they dish out, or else too weak to do anything about … Continue reading Kill The White Supremacist Inside You

Tarte and the Art of Being So Racist You Don’t Even Realize It

Hot take: the beauty industry sucks. It sucks because it relies on hype, preys on ignorance, and feeds off of insecurity. The beauty industry propagates damaging standards of appearance and gender expectations, and it makes money off of this. And finally, the beauty industry--like all firmly established industries in the Western world--is deeply racist. In … Continue reading Tarte and the Art of Being So Racist You Don’t Even Realize It

If You’re White, Stop Whining.

On the morning of December 30, 2017, Erica Garner's twitter account (now managed by her mother, Esaw Snipes) released the following statement:   That same day Erica Garner, 27 years old and a mother of two, had died of a heart attack. Notwithstanding the tragedy of her death and the painful context in which Erica … Continue reading If You’re White, Stop Whining.

The Coded Racism of The Word “Tacky”

I consider myself a fairly vain and materialistic person. I am obsessed with eyeshadow and lipstick and earrings and shoes. I even created an instagram account* devoted to the makeup looks that I labor over for hours and hours, with a collection of brushes and eyeshadow palettes and fake eyelashes worthy of a Youtube beauty … Continue reading The Coded Racism of The Word “Tacky”

Five Things Non-POC People Can Do To Be Better Allies

We've reached a point in Western political discourse where you're either against the cause of racial justice and equality or you're not. You either feel threatened by the empowerment and enfrachisement of people of color or you feel supportive of it. While many people (including allies) claim to stand for justice and equality, they forget … Continue reading Five Things Non-POC People Can Do To Be Better Allies

This White Person Says: Please Stop Saying “Not all White people”

Sometimes, during my daily forays into Twitter and Instagram and Facebook,  I wonder why people get angry at certain things and not at others. Obviously, emotional triggers depend on a range of factors. Personally, my blood tends to boil much faster if I am hungry, tired, or upset. The objects of my anger also tend … Continue reading This White Person Says: Please Stop Saying “Not all White people”

Dove – What’s In A Name?

I've flipped open my laptop screen today to write about a brand of soap that has been causing considerable offense lately. Twitter has had a lot to say about Dove and their advertising campaigns:       This wouldn't be the first time a major beauty brand fumbles when it comes to racial representation (see … Continue reading Dove – What’s In A Name?