The Tragedy of the Tragedy Narrative

As a light-skinned citizen of Brazil who likes to keep abreast of all events, publications, and developments related to Black-White race relations in the Western world, I'd  have to say that what strikes me the most about this domain of knowledge is the ubiquity of tragedy narratives. Note that I wrote "tragedy narratives," and not … Continue reading The Tragedy of the Tragedy Narrative


The Kindness vs. Racism Conundrum – Part 1

  Nowadays, being accused of racism is the ultimate sin. No one likes being accused of acting upon unconscious biases, or treating humans differently based on the color of their skin or their race. In fact, so unpleasant are the experiences of those good people called out on their damaging attitudes or behaviors that the … Continue reading The Kindness vs. Racism Conundrum – Part 1

Black women -Are we only beautiful when our hair is laid?

When I think of what it means to be a black woman, I think of dichotomies. Of being simultaneously lauded for being able to swish the hips and derriere so seductively, but denigrated for being too lewd and provocative. I think of how much our style and sass is imitated and worshiped on others, but … Continue reading Black women -Are we only beautiful when our hair is laid?

Nike just did it – and did it well

Nike made a major power play. The controversial Colin Kaepernick headlines a new campaign with a simple yet monumental closeup black and white shot of his face, emblazoned with the words: "Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything. " The world has been buzzing ever since, with closet racists emerging from the woodwork … Continue reading Nike just did it – and did it well

The Power of Undoing Racism

As the thick summer heat of August 2018 bids us farewell, I reflect on the highlight of my month, the Undoing Racism workshop held by The People’s Institute and hosted by Living Cities. An assortment of strong leaders from a range of non-profit/philanthropic organizations united for 2.5 grueling days of analysis, reflection and most importantly, … Continue reading The Power of Undoing Racism

Relinquishing the Burden

Sometimes, it’s hard for us to know how much to care. As people who have come to be identified as people of color, the experience of life is marred by the labeling of our physical features. It is a painful reality that a shocking majority of us manage to ignore probably 70% of the time. … Continue reading Relinquishing the Burden

Purchasing Justice

Let's think about capitalism for a minute. Or rather, let's think about what the father of modern capitalism, Adam Smith, had to say in this quote: "It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own interest." Essentially, Smith … Continue reading Purchasing Justice

Why are we trying to impress white people?

Chatting with my roommate last night, he brought up a point that I feel needs to be discussed. “Until there’s total proper representation – us being the hero, the villain, the love interest, the cab driver – like there’s total representation (of white people) in Hollywood, we need to be careful of the image we … Continue reading Why are we trying to impress white people?

The Audience to Our Suffering

It’s 2018, and white people know whatsup. We all know whatsup. Thanks to the advent of social media revolutionizing journalism in many ways, few of us in the western world can claim ignorance to issues of race. It is now absolutely insulting to be called “racist”. I’ll go so far as to say the “r … Continue reading The Audience to Our Suffering

Why I Won’t Unfriend My Racist Facebook Friends…yet

I saw this post on Facebook from one of my friends the other day: Here's the thing about this post. First of all, I assume its creator is a White person (the friend who shared it on Facebook certainly was). I assume this person is also enraged and disgusted by what appears to him as … Continue reading Why I Won’t Unfriend My Racist Facebook Friends…yet