Childbirth as a Black Woman

When one of my best friends went into labor, I went to the hospital with her. I was apprehensive about going to a North American labor clinic, disturbed by everything I’d researched about how black women like myself were racially profiled by medical staff at this most crucial time in their lives, leading to the … Continue reading Childbirth as a Black Woman

The Excuse of White Fragility

“In some ways, racism’s adaptations over time are more sinister than concrete rules such as Jim Crow. The adaptations produce the same outcome (people of color are blocked from moving forward), but have been put in place by a dominant white society that won’t or can’t admit to it’s beliefs. This intransigence results in another … Continue reading The Excuse of White Fragility

The Real Enemy is Police Brutality – not Jussie

This week I had a nightmare that woke me up at 4am, eyes brimming with tears. I was in some sort of large enclosed space, like a bar or nightclub, with tables and chairs all round, and some sort of stage to the front. People were drinking and chatting, socializing as usual, and there were … Continue reading The Real Enemy is Police Brutality – not Jussie

Black History Month looks bleak – and it’s not because of Jussie

It’s Black History Month, and things look bleak. There’s the scandal of Jussie Smollet possibly having fabricated his story about a racial and homophobic attack by fanatic MAGA supporters. There’s the video of Steve Harvey pleading with Monique that they as wealthy black entertainers are now in the “money game”, which is neither white nor … Continue reading Black History Month looks bleak – and it’s not because of Jussie

Decentering Myself in 2019

In the past year and a half that I have lived in Brasília, I've been lucky to have been invited into two little communities that exist outside of my rich, White bubble. One community is composed of a few local volunteers and 100+ economically and socially at-risk children in an underserved quarter of the satellite … Continue reading Decentering Myself in 2019

The Dynamics of Racial Fear

It always amazes me how terrified white people are of us. It’s like hatred, disgust, fascination, obsession and fear, all tied in one. Fear is the rationalization they use in almost every instance, almost like hatred is just a trojan horse with fear packed inside.   Police kill an unarmed black person - he feared … Continue reading The Dynamics of Racial Fear

We need to talk about Mental Health in the black community

A white colleague of mine showed me a photo of his niece, 6 or 7 years old, who had been adopted by his brother. In the photo there were several little girls in lacy white dresses, angelic smiles all around, a woman in the midst of them, dressed similarly. Then there she was, also wearing … Continue reading We need to talk about Mental Health in the black community

The unfairness of equality

When a black man from Alaska looks you in the eyes and tells you it's simply not fair that white people get to "rule" on earth then go to the same heaven that you go to, the only thing there is to do is nod and look away, even as a good Christian. He's right. … Continue reading The unfairness of equality

Civilized Conversations

Trudging through the streets of New York after a long week of work, my fists balled in my pockets and a knot in my chest. I decide to buy takeout from my favorite Mediterranean spot, and when my order is called, the typically friendly girl smiles with my package in hand. Out of the corner … Continue reading Civilized Conversations

Political Affiliations Are Not A Shorthand For Who Is Friend And Who Is Foe

In case you haven't been following the political situation of the Western world, we've been experiencing a resurgence of far-right ideologies in Western political discourse. Two years ago the UK voted to leave the European Union, ostensibly out of nostalgia for the good old times when the British swarmed Africa and India, and not the … Continue reading Political Affiliations Are Not A Shorthand For Who Is Friend And Who Is Foe